Zion Photography Guide

Light of Zion has been a multi year project of creating a photographic guide to Zion National Park. This is the second edition of that guide which launched December of 2022. I had some dissatisfaction with that first iteration, and my wife said I should do better, so for this second edition I revisited the entire design and created both a photographic guide and a photo book of Zion National Park.

What's new to the Second Edition?

I have added one new hike, expanded upon the Narrows hike to include going to Big Springs. Added additional details to many of the hikes. Included maps with additional details for better interpretation of the text. Included dozens of new images, some of which are brand new. Finally I added two short stories on my experience within the park. The total length of the book is over double in size from the First Edition.

After purchasing this guide you will receive an email with a link for a digital download from Send Owl. This usually takes 1-3 business days (Usually faster). This link will allow you to download a PDF that is encrypted. What ever product you download it too, will be the product it will be saved on and cannot be currently shared between other devices (so choose the final download carefully)

One other note, the document is best viewed in two pages with the title page being set as its own page. This can be done on Microsoft Edge browser easy enough. Google Chrome does not allow for proper viewing so view one page at a time. If this product takes off I will create an Issuu version and go that route for an overall better viewing experience.


An iconic image of the Subway in Zion National Park.