Photography Workshops in Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument

Grand Staircase National Monument is one of the great wildernesses of the American Southwest. Come join me and explore the canyons and hoodoos of this great region and see what magic light this place has to offer. These photography workshops are catered to beginners and intermediate photographers who want to improve their skills and also learn about the landscape. Unlike many photography workshops, this one is also designed to educate you about the landscape, the biology and ecology of the region and how to be a better steward of the land. If you are an advanced photographer, consider joining for to learn about the landscape and gain a greater love of the canyons of the American Southwest.

Who's Your Instructor

My name is Nathan St. Andre I am a biologist, photographer and general all-around adventurer of southern Utah. I have lived within the area for a little over a decade and have been exploring the canyons of Escalante for over two decades. As a photographer I have been building a portfolio of the region and exploring deeper into the wilderness.

In addition to being a photographer I have been a biologist working within the region with many of the native fish and habitats that they rely on. Outside of that, I now teach at the local university instructing students in the topics of biology and ecology. Safe to say, when you join my workshop you will come away with more than simply knowing how to use your camera better, but walk away with a philosophy of both photography and your place within the community.

Trip Itinerary

There are currently three trips planned for 2024. The town of Escalante will be the base camp for both meetup and food, but there is a chance we will be passing through other areas of the monument. The day before the workshops begin we will meet within the town, discuss backgrounds, goals and other get to know you questions. We will begin bright and early the next day and will head out into the wilderness for photography, education and hopefully a good time.

What Gear Should You Bring

Camera Gear

  • Tripod
  • DSLR or Mirrorless Camera
  • 16-35mm (or equivalent) and a 70-200 (or equivalent)
  • Any other lens you would like to bring
  • Backpack to carry equipment and gear
  • laptop for photo editing
  • Chargers


  • Warm Clothing
  • Hiking shoes and appropriate footwear
  • 2L+ of reusable water bottles
  • Hat
  • light baggy clothing (hiking pants and long sleeve shirt)

In general bring the things you need. There are all the basic amenities in the town, but if you need something specific bring it!


I do not provide lodging but the best housing in Escalante is the Canyon Country Lodge. If participants want to camp, we can arrange that and we can camp as a group. I encourage camping for multiple reasons, including quick access to location and appreciation of the landscape; but I understand the call of a soft bed and a warm warm to sleep in.


Food must be provided by the attendee due to health code laws in the state of Utah. We will have access to some restaurant, but food will have to be provided by the customers. I will have a cooler to pack meals but guests will have to provide their meals. We will have a meal as a group on the final day as a send off and thankyou for coming on our workshop.

Escalante Workshops 2024

Below are the three workshops I have available for 2024 in Escalante. If there is sufficient demand I will open additional.

Milky Way and Hoodoos (May 7-9, 2024)

Cost: $1200 (Does not include lodging)

Group Size: 3 Photographers

Come join explore the hoodoos under the stars across Escalante National Monument. The goal of this workshop will be to learn how to photograph at night, the skills involved and some additional techniques to improve overall experience of photographing. In addition we will learn about the role of night skies for wildlife and us as humans. This workshop is designed primarily for beginning and intermediate photographers, or those who have never photographed at night.

Message me for additional details: [email protected]

Three large hoodoos lit up by soft warm light with the Milkyway galaxy stretching across the night sky.

Desert Monsoons (August 15-17, 2024)

Cost: $1200 (Does not include lodging)

Group Size: 3 Photographers

Come join me while we chase monsoons across Escalante National Monument. We will primarily target the hoodoos of the region but we will also photograph other locations depending on where the storms travel. Learn about the role monsoons play on the ecology of the region and how the sustain life through the dry summer months. Along the way we will learn techniques for photographing lightning, rainbows and how to avoid getting killed. Be prepared for an adventure! This workshop is primarily targeted towards beginning and intermediate photographers though more advanced photographers are welcome.

For more details contact me: [email protected]

Fall in the Canyons (October 24-26, 2024)

Cost: $1200 (Does not include lodging)

Group Size: 3 Photographers

Have you ever wanted to photograph the canyons of the southwest in the fall? Come join me as we explore the canyons of Escalante and photograph the fall leaves as they transition in the desert. Come learn photographic techniques, including composition, camera use and much more . Along the way we will learn about the ecology of the rivers, the biology of fall colors and why leaving a few leaves on the ground is important. Come explore the magic of the desert in fall.

For more details contact me: [email protected]

Private Workshops

Cost: $300 Per Day

Group Size Max: 3

Want someone to guide you through Escalante National Monument while also learning photography? I can help with that. Contact me and we can work out a time and a place where you can have one on one photographic instruction while also exploring one of the most beautiful places in the Southwest. We will set goals and help you on your photographic journey.

In you are interested in a Private Workshop contact me at: [email protected]

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