Under Develop- Nevada Fine Art's New Acrylics
June 3, 2024  |  Nevada
Nevada Fine Art Printers New Printing Technique

Well I never get the scoop on any particular product before it comes out, and frankly this isn't a scoop, but me being a bit nosey. A famous photographer whom I follow, Mark Metternich, posted to Facebook about Nevada Fine Art Printer and how they were coming out with a new type of print...

Lossless Workflow for Photo Editing
May 8, 2024

There are times to have wordy explanations about topics. This is not one of those times.

There is a proper methodology to taking and editing images. This method allows for the ability to restart if things go wrong or you need to adjust images days, months or years in the future...

Why You Should Edit Your Images
May 1, 2024

I do a lot of art shows and the number one question I get at shows is "Do you edit your images?" I always respond the the strong affirmative yes. The follow-up statement I give goes something as followed

"A good photograph should be edited...

A Print Photographer I Will Be
April 13, 2024  |  Zion National Park, Utah

Yesterday I sat in Zion National Park feeling introspective (just to the left of the above image). I was with a class of photography students from Utah Tech University, leading them and teaching them the ways of nature and landscape photography here in Southern Utah...

Understanding Apertures
February 7, 2024

If you are new to photography you probably came across the exposure triangle. This triangle is made up of ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture. I have already covered the first two in previous blog posts, but today I am going to cover the latter...

Shutter Speed and Landscape Photography
January 18, 2024
What is the Shutter of "Shutter Speed"

I think the best way to start off this conversation of shutter speed is to actually see a shutter in action. So with that, let me introduce you to a 10 minute video of the Slow Mo Guys recording the inside of a camera as it takes an image...

What is ISO, Understanding The Basics
January 8, 2024
What is ISO Glossary ISO- International Standardization Organization Noise- unwanted random signals (in this case photons) of light striking your sensor

Lets start with something right away. ISO means International Standardization for Organization (ISO)...

From 2023 to 2024, Accomplishments and Future Goals
January 2, 2024
There and Back Again, A Photographers Tail

Low and behold a year has gone and a new year has arrived. As I begin writing this I firmly sit two days into the new year, but the past year is still fresh on the mind...

My Perceptions of Art and Landscape Photography

I do a lot of art shows. I get to look at a lot of art that people do. I get to see paintings, photographs, sculptures, rock art, pen and paper, pencil and so forth. At the nicer shows I get to see those who have been doing art for a long time, who have honed their craft and have become quite exceptional...

Compositional Triangles

There are a hand full of compositional elements I hate the way its been written about online. One of those elements are triangles in photography. Most of the time authors end up drawing way too many triangles, or put them in random spots or make them up...

Tips on Composition in Photography

Last night I finished watching Steven Spielberg's most recent movie, The Fabelman's. In it, the story follows a young man as he comes of age and falls in love with film making. The movie is filled with compelling characters, advice and warnings for artists, and in the end following your passion...

Review of Canon 14-35f4L for Landscape photography

As the title suggests, this review is not a post about how this lens works in a generic sense, but in a specific field of interest of mine, landscape photography. It will cover a broad aspects of landscape photography but won't cover astro-images since I have not done any astro-photography with it...

Know Thy Deserts- A Journey Through Americas Great Deserts
3/21/2023  |  American Southwest

I have completed a life goal I never knew I had until it was presented to me. I finally visited all of North Americas great deserts. Yes there are four deserts in North America, but lets include the Colorado Plateau because I am biased towards it, and that makes five for this article...

8 Tips I Wish I Knew Before I Started my Landscape Photography Journey

There was an individual the other day that asked a local photography group the following question- "What do you know now that you wish you knew at the beginning of you photography journey." So I answered his question and after thinking it through I decided to bring those bits of details to you and expand on them...

A Brief Review of the Canon R5 for Astro Photography

Some time ago I put out a review on the Canon R5 and I mentioned I would do some more astrophotography tests and get back to you. I have had a few chances to take the camera out at night now and have a few thoughts on it in general...

Chasing Waterfalls in Zion Sunday
1/16/2023  |  Zion National Park, Utah

My adventure of chasing waterfalls in Zion in mid January 2023

Photographing Emerald Pools
1/4/2023  |  Zion National Park

Emerald Pools is Zion National Park is one of those areas that has huge hit and miss potential. In fall it is a huge hit, in summer it is mostly just green and usually falls in the category of miss photogenically...

An Excursion of Zion's West Desert
1/5/2023  |  Zion National Park, Utah

The gold standard for catching exceptional grand landscape photos of the front half of Zion National Park is the following formula.

Stormy Conditions. Clear skies to the west...
Canon R5 for Landscape Photography- A Review
1/6/2022  |  Southern Utah

Now that I have had the Canon R5 for about 6 months, I feel like I could write a review that was worth someone's time if they were considering getting it. Unlike many reviews though I only do landscape photography, so if that is your gig, stick around...

Photographing the Great Salt Lake
12/3/2022  |  Salt Flats

A few weeks back I was visiting my parents home in Northern Utah. I had been itching to go somewhere for a while so after looking around at my options I decided to re-visit the salt flats...

Photographing the Paria River, Tips and More
March 11, 2022  |  Paria River, Arizona

The Paria River shows up regularly as one of the most famous backpacking trips in the United States. I just had the opportunity to go, so let's talk about it.

I am going to state this right now, the best cheap material for planning your trip in the way of maps and details on the trail is the 4-8 dollar flip map/guide produced by the BLM...