I have been going back to this locations now for two years. I have tried all seasons and a variety of weather conditions and never seemed to be happy with what I had. It wasn't until this past trip to this location that I was rewarded with these wonderful beams of light coming over the peaks. The entire time while taking this image I had to deal with a massive explosion of ants that seemed to have infested the area recently. I had to stand on rocks out in the water to escape them. I ended up waiting at this location dealing with them for about an hour to get the lighting right on the clouds. 


When it came to editing this photo, it turned out to be one of the more challening images I have worked on in a while. I restarted probably three times before I got the image to where you see it today. 


Limited Edition of 50 prints in all sizes over 8x12 print. 


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God Speaks To His Patriarchs

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