Orderville Canyon is a finger of the Narrows in Zion National Park. I recently traveled these ancient coridors and nearly lost my gear to the hidden pools within it's depth. I stepped off into a pool of water thinking it was only a few inches deep to find out it was chest deep. It was a moment of terror as I knew I had my camera gear in my backpack and the only thing protecting it was a layer of fabric and a zipper. Safe to say I did not loose my gear that day and I am very greatful for that.


When it came to photographing this spot, I had a composition challenge to overcome. There was a log that had been washed down stream and was sitting over the end of this little cut in the rock. In order to get around it I had to walk deeper into the water and move under the log. It was really cool, but it was really distracting when it was included in the image. I hope you enjoy my rendition of one of the coolest canyons in the Southwest. 


This image was taken just before that even took place. This image reminds me of the strange world that these canyons produce. Deep dark narrow and very dangerous, but life still holds on. 


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Final Falls of Orderville

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