Some images are spontanious, other are meticulously planned. This is one of those images. I discovered the view weeks before this image was taken. I saw that the blooms were on their way, but were not ready yet. I then needed to wait till a storm was passing. When the week lined up to have multiple storms in a row I knew the time had arrived. 


When I headed out and got to the location, I still had a while to wait. I then scouted the area like four times over before I settled on the flowers you see here. I then just needed to wait for the storm to pass over me and the sun to provide the rainbow. It was not long until the stars alligned and the rainbow appeared over the distant cliff. It was a stunning moment to experience in person. I hope it can bring a sense of awe to your home the day you purchase it. 


Limited Edition of 50 prints in all sizes over 8x12 print. 


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Cactus Bloom in Zion Backcountry

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