This image is a story all of its own. I began planning this image three months before I ever took the picture. Often I get asked how long I stand and wait for the light to be just perfect. In reality its like 20 minutes most of time. I usually spend a majority of my time looking for the composition. For this image I did quite a bit of driving more than anything else. The photo shoot was about 20 minutes long, I drove 4 hours to pull it off.  


I initially left my home at 4:30AM to arrive in time for sunrise. It was the end of december, temperatures were about 5 degrees Fahrenheit. When I arrived the clouds were perfect and so I pulled out my camera gear and put it in the cold so it could aclimitize. I then hopped back into the car and waited. About 20 minutes before sunrise I headed back out to the cold and wandered back and forth in front of the view point trying to decide on a composition. It took nearly the entire time, but I finally settled on the one you see here.


The shot was challenging as I was dealing with huge amounts of difference between light and dark (dynamic range). I eventaully blended three images together in order to pull off this exposure properly. I hope you enjoy. 


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Bryce Canyon Natural Bridge

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