Zion Photography Guide Update

For those who are wondering, or are interested, I am working on a guide to photographing Zion National Park. Tonight is a bit of an update in that regard.

Main Canyon

I have completed my thoughts on all the main hikes in the main canyon except for the sand bench trail and the narrows. I need to hike the entire length of the sand bench trail one of these mornings/evenings before I feel satisfied with that. The narrows, I might do something crazy and do the top-down and do an entire write-up for that entire section, but I need to see if I can even get the permits if that's the case. The other option is to start at sunrise and hike the entire length of the canyon in a single day... 17 miles worth of walking in a river. I might die if I do that, but it is an option.

Upper East Side

Mostly left untouched at the moment, but will be focused on more here soon. I have been waiting for the snow to melt in the upper plateaus so I can access this area easier. I also have one area in mind planned for the fall, so this probably will not be completed until then.

Kolob Region

I have decided to revisit all the trails within this region, as I did most of these back in my early days of photographing and need new images. I will begin this more once it warms up and the trees pick up the foliage again. This will primarily be my summer project, but in all reality, it begins at the end of this month when I hike the Hope Valley trail system and finish all the northern trans zion trail sections.

West Desert

I have not written anything from here, but I pretty much have all the photos done and ready to go.

That's it for right now! Stay tuned for more updates as the year comes along. I do want this eBook ready to go for the Christmas Season.