Top 10 Photos of 2018

This has been an interesting year for me. It is my first full year with my new camera. It was the first time I ever lived off my photography. I also printed my first 30x60 this year. It was the first year I could actually call myself a "professional photographer" and actually mean it.

This was also the first year I experienced a best friend die. First year back to school, which has been amazing and stressful and time consuming. Hopefully it will be the last time I have to move to northern Utah.

This has been a weird year.

So in reflection of this year. I want to bring you my 10 favorite images of 2018.


There are moment in my life where I witness sunrises and sunsets that are amazing. This was one of those. The clouds were pillars of gas streaking across the sky with tremendous vibrancy that seemed to last forever. Truly a sight to behold.


This was a truly spur of the moment adventure that I was invited out to. I am so glad I went. It turned into one of my best selling images this year and it was a killer sunrise image to boot.


I heard about this spot many years ago from a friend. On my first attempt to reach it, the rock I was on gave way and slid down the hill. If there was someone below me it would probably have cut them in half. It scared me so badly I didn't go back for over a year. But as I kept driving by and kept seeing potential, I finally tried again and found a new way up. This little gem seems to only have ever photographed by a few of the pioneers in southwest photography like Tom Till. Though his work these days has not been my favorite, I think his previous years work is truly a sight to behold.


I have no idea why this area is not more famous. That's ok with me. It took me 4 times coming back to the area before I discovered this spot. It took two more times before I got a storm like this. It took another 100 plus images before I finally got a bolt of lightning in my shot. Well worth it.


I am sure this structure has never been photographed before. I scan through a lot of zion images and have yet to see this one show up anywhere. It was discovered out of sheer frustration of what Instagram has turned peoples experience into of national parks. When I got to my look out of intention, I saw a girl with her legs off the cliff with her BF taking the standard girl on a hike image. There were a couple other couples doing the same thing there. It was all for the image not for the experience.

When I sat here waiting for the light, I had a flock of vultures riding the air currents around me, some gliding within 20 feet or so. They danced along the cliffs for about 30 minutes for me. It was amazing. I have deep emotional connection with this image. Truly one of my favorites.


This image was a lot of fun to shoot. It took a lot of patience, timing and readjusting the light for it to work out properly. I may have had an angry wife when I got home because of how late I was, but I love this image.


I want this image to be printed huge in my house. I don't think it ever will be. I love photographing hoodoos. I mean I love it. The only thing I like as much or more than it is photographing the sun through/around arches. They become gateways to heaven when done right. But hoodoos are like hero's of the rock world. they stand when everyone else has washed away. They stand defiant of gravity and sometimes logic. This king hoodoo is truly a treasure.


This is a special spot along the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. It is so big, so deep so un-comprehensible. I truly mean that last part too. When you stand on the edge here, it doesn't feel like a 3000 vertical drop, but it is. When I took this image the wind was howling coming up the canyon. There was a little crack in the cliff wall that sounded like it was whistling because the wind was so strong. It is safe to say the tripod was low to the ground and I was tucked in a crack in the rocks. Definitely not a place to make a mistake.


A gem of a find in Zion. This is one of those places in the park that is frequently traveled by but no one ever sees. I love things like this. As I have explored more and more of the park, I keep finding myself in areas off the beaten path and probably never photographed. All in due time I will discover all her secretes.


This is a cool place. I have only been able to get here by the generosity of others. I hope to return one day. This image took most of the night to plan and figure out how it would work. I had to wait many hours to pull it off. I am so glad I did.