The Case For Equipment

Often what is heard among professional photographers is that better equipment does not make you a better photographer. And this is true. In fact it does not do much for you when it comes to understanding composition, exposure and a few other aspects of the work. But I am here to say better equipment does make better images.

I recently experienced this over the past two days. I will show you an image below. I love the image and I will run with in in the future, but there are a few equipement things that would have made this entire photo shoot way way better.

First: Buy better tripods. I have been noticing lately that my tripod is getting a bit... more wobbly. That might be the wrong word. Even with all parts and pieces locked down in place if I touch my camera the entire tripod has a tendency to move just a bit and resettle in the new location. Normally not a huge deal, but when I am doing multiple exposures manually these tiny little adjustments can become a real pain to deal with. This is especially true in astro work.

The lesson from that paragraph is to buy the best tripod you can with the budget you are given. It will pay for itself in due time. I have now ruined two night shoots because of these small small micro adjustments.

Another cheaper option I can look into is a remote. That can solve many of these issues.

Second: Get CF cards if you camera takes them. I ran into an issue I had never run into before until the other night. On the 5D Mk IV is a built in intervelometer. This allows the camera to take time lapses. I was excited to use it and got it running soon after dark. I was surprised though that 10 or so shots into the time laps, it stopped. This was due to writing speeds of my SD card. It can only write so quickly and if the image taking outpaces the writing to the SD card the camera will stop taking images.

The Lesson from that paragraph is to just get good memory cards. Don't go cheap or you may regret it. I didn't go cheap, but I have not purchased the best for my camera.

So there are my thoughts as of late.