Setting Up A COVID-19 Ready Art Booth

We live in a new world when it comes to art shows. Now the constant threat of picking of COVID-19 has temporarily shut down art shows of any kind for a while. So the question that comes to mind is when conditions relax, how do you set up an art booth that will allow for selling? My personal experience is with 10x10 box that has one side removed so that customers can crowd inside a booth to look at my photos. When things are getting good, I might have 5 or 6 people inside the booth at once looking and chatting and if I am really lucky buying.

Thats out of the picture for potentially a few years. Now what do I do? What do you do as a vendor? Lets break down an essential art booth set up and what can stay and what can go and what might change in order to adapt to the new world we face.

The Basics

When selling photos the basic set up requires some sort of wall to hang photos. These walls include brands like Pro-Panel and Flourish. Other options include home made ones with carpeted walls so that Velcro type attachments can be placed on them. Additionally, some other structure must also be had that holds smaller prints for sale. This includes tables, X frame picture rack holders, or those little post card spinning racks. A table helps, but overall thats all you need. The number of photos depends on the wall space, but plan on six or so prints per wall unless you are doing images that are bigger than 40 inches. Last is a way to accept cards, such as a Square Reader.

What no longer works.

Picture racks- these require lots of individuals to flip through and touch lots and lots of images. Usually one after another. There is no way to sanitize between customer as there is too much surface area that is affected.

10x10 set up as is- Too many people can fit inside. Six foot distance between customers is gone.

Card Swipes- These are the little square readers that attach in the phone port of a phone and allow for you to swipe credit cards.

Proposed Alternatives

Picture racks replaced with I-Pads- Two I-Pads are placed out on stands in front of the booth that customers can flip through. They can be sanitized between customers and when a customer finds an image they like they can show you the image they would like to get. Then you find the image they view it in person and purchase it.

10x10 art booth- Invert booth so that photos are on outside edge, reducing crowding inside booth.

Picture Racks- Use two Ipads on tables. Have cleaning wipes. So when customers walk by they can flip through images choose the ones they like and then you collect them as the vendor

Card Swipes- The alternative is sort of already present. This is done by the chip readers. They do not require anyone to touch anything and the customer can touch the card and you handle the reader. Customers would no longer be allowed to touch phone to reduce cross contamination.

Do you have any suggestions? Comment or message me and I will add them.


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