July Photo Drop!

July has come in hot into southern Utah, but you will find some of the photos I just posted will be from cooler times. These images include photos from recently visited Northern California where my family and I visited Redwood National Park, Lassen National Park and a few other locations along the way. Images will also include a few trips into the deserts along the Utah Nevada Border and with a few images coming from my most recent Escalante Trip.


I learned a lot photographing the redwoods. Mostly I realized I need a polarizer for these leafy environments.. If you are unfamiliar with a polarizer, it is a filter that filters out polarized light. The basically translates to a filter that removes glare from leaves and other reflective surfaces. Since most of my existence has been with rocks, I stopped carrying a polarizer with me. I do miss it sometimes but I make due with what I got.

Lassen National Park

Lassen is a fun little national park, with some nice photo opportunities, but currently most of the really cool things are shut down due to unsafe conditions. As for large scale and intimate photo opportunities, there is much to be had, but I find the telephoto made for more fun photography opportunities, though I did have a good time with the wide angle.

Night Photography

I met a nice gentleman who is working on a weird little light bar that can illuminate a landscape and do some interesting patterns along its way. We went out together earlier this June and played around doing some night photography within the desert. turns out his light bar can do some cool things and might be a new constant on night photography excursions. We'll see.

Zion National Park

Zion just go obliterated by rain just before July 4th. I had the opportunity to photograph there before that happened and caught a nice broody sky as I waited for some colors which never really arrived.

To see the full publication of images head over to my 2021 Gallery to explore all the images released this year. I have just hit 30 images and I think there are plenty of photo opportunities left in the year, especially since monsoons are just beginning to kick up.


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