Easter Photo Drop

If you notice, this post has come out way after Easter. Its like life happened or something.

March ended up being a good month for photography. I usually do not get to spend four solid days running around the wilderness photographing, but with a bit of luck, good friends, and miles of sucky roads, greatness occurred.

Work Trips

My wife has a new job that requires her to wander across southern Utah. Luckily for me, timing lined up and I could join her for her first big outing which ended up with me hitting up Goosenecks State Park. Conditions were on the edge of amazing, but in all reality were just really really really windy.

Photo Trips

At this time I was also blessed to be invited to join a couple photographers to roam across Canyonlands National Park. This ended up being a truly wild place that has caught my attention and imagination. I have no good way of ever getting back out to this spot, but I want to and will figure out how to do it again someday in the future.

Since my ride and I could not join the group for the entire canyonlands trip, we headed back and enjoyed the badlands of southern Utah on our way home. These rugged and remote landscapes are often overlooked by most tourists, which is a good thing. They have become popular with many photographers in recent years.

To end this quick post I wanted to share one photo out of Zion. This one was not easy to get simply because I wandered for an eternity and found a new arch in the process.