Establishing 2022 Photography Goals

Updated: Mar 25

Some ideas if you need them.

The Wharton School of Business in 2014 published a paper called "The Fresh Start Effect: Temporal Landmarks Motivate Aspirational Behavior." In this paper, they put a definition to what we might define as the new year's resolution or the idea that on Monday I will do better effect. The idea is that there is an effect that actually makes a difference and having some arbitrary start date can create an opportunity to start fresh; set goals and do and be better, and it works. Today I am trying to establish some of my goals for 2022, and define what I want to outline in the upcoming year and possibly into the future.

Goals for 2022

  1. Photograph 3 new national parks

  2. Finish the Lower Escalante River, photographing it along the way.

  3. Finish and photograph the trans zion trail system; photographing Hop Valley and the East Rim Trail System to finish the connection.

  4. Photograph the Paria River (completed)

  5. Establish three photography projects (One will be of the Escalante River System, The others, I think, will be something dealing with climate or wildlife)

  6. Have 10 macro portfolio images (I just got a macro lens, I need to stretch in a new direction)

  7. Have $20,000 in profit for my photography business.

  8. Have 1 Ebook for sale by the end of the year.

  9. Help teach one workshop this year. ( know the assistant to the primary photographer I don't think I am famous enough to draw much attention).

  10. Add 100 new people to my newsletter

  11. (hidden goal, but I want to add at least three portfolio images of wildlife)

Ok now it's out there in the public and out on paper, so I have to do it.

Why did I choose these goals?

Some of these goals are apart of larger goals of mine, others are brand new and have been ideas drifting around in the back of my mind for a while. Since 2022 might be the year where I end up accidentally doing photography full time, I am going to really push some of these so that I set myself up for the future. Others are just things I want to do and others are business goals that might be hard for me to reach. Now, let's break these down into goals of why and how.

Creative Goals

Goals one through six are creative goals. Goal one and two are a part of larger goals, that is to visit all the national parks and the other is to hike the entire Escalante River system. So naturally, these have to be taken up in bite-size bits (I am not sure 40+ miles is bite-size, but that's the bite I am up for this year). Goal three and four are accidental goals. I realized towards the end of last year that I had been slowly knocking off the entire trans zion trail system and low and behold I was getting close. I have a few long day hikes ahead of me but that's it. I figured why not do it this year, unless life dramatically changes these should be slightly lower hanging fruit hikes to pull off. As for goal five and six, these are stretches of creativity. I have been wanting to pull off photo projects as I generally suck at these. But I figured with the completion of the Escalante River, now was a time to bring these to the forefront of my thought. Now for goal six, macro photography, this is entirely a new world for me. I do not do macro work, but I want to try. I want to stretch into a new field of art and bring my knowledge of biology and science to this world. So that's what I am doing.

Business Goals

Now goals seven through ten are for me to stretch as a photographer in my business. The profit comment is possibly a stretch particularly because I feel like this next year feels more uncertain than this past year. Not sure why, but it does. The other three goals are a part of a strategy to diversify myself, as 2020 was a good lesson on being a one-trick pony and why that kind of sucks. I personally am not sure workshops are for me, but I would like to help run one or two if someone is willing to let me tag along. I don't want to be another one of those photographers who think to themselves that the only way to make money is to teach. I want to create art and often teachers don't do that much of that. Finally, the ebook and the email addresses are two ways to diversify my income. First, I can step away from only making money from art shows as I can sell nationally with email addresses and customers who like my art. Second, ebooks allow me to share knowledge with minimal environmental impact, and they sound like they could become a cool project to accomplish (goal 5 anyone?).

What is not on this list

Youtube is absent. I tried that last year and got absolutely nowhere. I want to learn how to do more video editing, but I am nowhere near where I want to be so that will be something I fiddle with. Stating that I want to become "full-time" is also absent. I don't care about that goal. I like doing what I am doing and since I don't have to depend on this for my family's income, I can be free to explore and use the funds from this to benefit whatever I feel like, like my family or wildlife or conservation. Also, I do not have any abstract goals on this list. All of these goals have some point of completion. Even the photography projects have a set number I want to accomplish, once I begin one and work on it I have fulfilled that goal.

Your Goals

If you have not set your goals for 2022 yet, now is the time to do so. Use the Wharton school of business paper to inspire you to greatness this year.


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