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In today's saturated market of photographers, I hope to provide a shift from what is usually seen. I am a biologist and a photographer that has a personal connection with nature in a way that few do. For the past five years, I have been doing research on endangered fish in the American Southwest, along with photographing the region. Because of this, I have had unique opportunities to see inner workings of agencies, universities, and public groups and how they have come together to help make a better future for wildlife and for ourselves.  Additionally, I have been a face seen often in public as I have been doing art shows for 4 years and have sold thousands of images to customers across the globe. I have been interviewed on multiple podcasts and have had articles published on popular websites such as Improve Photography. 

Because of this background, I can provide a unique educational experience to either your club or your conference. Please selcte from the options below to book a visit today. 


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