about Nathan St. Andre

Nathan is a photographer located in southwestern Utah on the the edge of the Colorado Plateau, Mojave Desert and the Great Basin. This provides a unique combination of landscapes in which he spends his time in photographing. Within his images he tries to maintain  a semblance of wilderness in that he avoids putting any human construct within the frame. He does this to remind the world what it can look like without excessive impact of man.


His work has primarily focused on the Colorado Plateau with an emphasis on Zion National Park and Escalante National Monument. He also has an affinity to wilderness throughout the state of Utah. This has resulted in him having a wide range of images from Arches, the Great Salt Lake all the way to the wilderness preserves of Beaver Dam Wash in southwest Utah. He also loves visiting iconic locations with dynamic conditions to provide a unique view of many of these photographed spots within the state. 

Outside of photography, Nathan is a wildlife biologist who's research has been used by Utah wildlife managers to help understand the impact of invasive species on Lake Powell. Additionally he has been involved with the understanding of various fish management techniques and their role in restoring rivers to native fish communities. He has also worked for many government agencies to help restore and protect animals across the state of Utah. Though his photographic work has not focused on animals, he has actively fought for their protection and the land that they live it. 



  • St. George Art Festival (2018)- 2nd and 3rd place photography category. 

  • Peach Days Art Festival (2018)-  2nd place photography category.

  • Utah Life Magazine photography competition (2018)- Winner.

  • St. George Art Festival (2021)- Honorable Mention photography category.


  • Canon R5

  • Tamron 15-30 f2.8

  • Canon 24-105 f4L

  • Canon 100-500 

  • Feisol Tripod

  • RRS BH-40 ball head